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On this page, you will find the programmes of past ISKO UK biennale conferences. Outputs of individual conference are being currently audited for copyright clearance, curated for metadata quality and prepared to be uploaded to the digital repository of Zenodo At the same time we are developing a taxonomy specifically designed to index the subjects treated in these conferences. 

Files generated by the 2009 conference have now been migrated to Zenodo within the ISKO UK community.  See below for  search guidelines.

We thank you for your patience, this is a long-term project which requires time and effort from a small dedicated team.

 Sylvie Davies,  Eugene Morozov, Joy Nam and Judi Vernau

2009 - Content Architecture - Exploiting and Managing Diverse Resources
2011 - Facets of Knowledge Organization - A tribute to Professor Brian Vickery, 1918–2009
2013 - Knowledge Organization - Pushing the boundaries
2015 - Knowledge Organization - Making a difference

2017 - Knowledge Organization, what’s the story? - Current state and direction of travel

2019 - The Human Position in an Artificial World - Creativity, ethics and AI in knowledge organization
2021- Knowledge Organization in exceptional times (cancelled)
 2023 - Knowledge Organization and Information Discovery - Improving user experience, quality and trust

Search guidelines

You can access the conference files (papers, slides, and recordings when available) in three ways:

1. from the programme page hosted on this website (see list above) by clicking on the relevant links. Note that we did not manage to gather all contributions but the majority is there.

2. by searching for the ISKO UK community on Zenodo and then either by browsing the whole content or use the search box. So far, you will find files from the 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2023  conferences.

3. from the search box on the Zenodo home page using the search guide which explains how to perform advanced search queries  using easy to understand examples.

In all cases,  you will notice on the result page metadata which comprise a DOI, keywords provided by the authors and subjects drawn from a bespoke taxonomy developed for this project. Note also that the file is linked to the relevant conference programme and its alternative formats are listed as 'supplementary material' under the heading 'related identifiers'.

For further assistance, please contact Sylvie Davies

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