ISKO UK Meetups are dedicated to discussing a broad range of topics related to knowledge organization and building bridges between academics and practitioners. Whether in-person or online, ISKO UK Meetups provide an informal and friendly atmosphere and encourage interaction and networking. Throughout 2024, ISKO UK Meetups are being organized as online events through the Knowledge Organization London Group. Join the group to receive updates and register to attend.
The International Society for Knowledge Organization is a non-profit body with chapters in countries across the world. Learn more about membership benefits and join the UK chapter today.

UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization

We are a not-for-profit scientific/professional association dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of Knowledge Organization (KO). We categorise, distinguish, name and relate things in ways that are meaningful and useful, and help us learn. We deploy classification, indexing, taxonomies, data mining, semantic analysis, linked data, and other emerging technologies to reveal patterns and make sense of the knowledge landscape. KO adds intelligence and value to the representation, processing, storage and transfer of information. More about ISKO UK...

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ISKO UK Meetup

The Meetup provides an opportunity for information professionals to share their experiences and exchange ideas for improving access to knowledge. The approach is informal and friendly, encouraging networking between professionals sharing an interest in Knowledge Organization. See Meetup schedule here. Past event videos are available on YouTube as 20242023 and 2022 playlists. More about ISKO UK Meetups...

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Following a series of successful events, the UK Chapter of ISKO has sufficient funds to take a more direct approach to the objective of encouraging and supporting the next generation of Knowledge Organization researchers and practitioners. More about grants...

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ISKO Media

Access materials from the past ISKO UK Conferences on Zenodo, an open platform for hosting research papers, data sets, research software, reports, and any other research related digital artefacts. More in Conference Archives...

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2023 Conference

The 7th ISKO UK biennial conference "Knowledge Organization and Information Discovery: Improving User Experience, Quality and Trust" was held on 24-25 July 2023 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, in partnership with the School of Computing, Engineering & the Built Environment at Edinburgh Napier University. More about ISKO UK 2023 Bi-Annual Conference...

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Knowledge Organization Education (KO-ED) is a series of virtual classes for all those who want to learn, refresh or expand their understanding of knowledge organization principles and processes. Speakers include university lecturers, textbook authors, researchers and international experts. More about KO Education...

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Knowledge Organization Research Observatory (KO-RO) is a series of free monthly online events dedicated to research activities and projects in the knowledge organization domain. Events feature reports and presentations on research projects that include, interact or affect the knowledge organization field. More about KO Research Observatory...

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