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Knowledge Organization – what's the story?

Classification, Indexing, Taxonomies and Ontologies - current state and direction of travel

5th Biennial Conference, 11-12th September 2017, Canada Water Library, London

General information

ISKO UK, established in February 2007, is the British Chapter of ISKO - The International Society for Knowledge Organization, which has over 500 members. We are a not-for-profit scientific/professional association, whose mission is to promote the theory and practice of organizing knowledge and information. We pursue this mission through our objectives, which are to:

  • bring together both practitioners and researchers in the various fields of KO;
  • build bridges among these disparate communities;
  • articulate and communicate the value of KO; and
  • encourage and support the emerging generations of KO researchers and practitioners.

Further information on ISKO is available on its website and on ISKO UK itself on the ISKO UK website.


This will be the 5th biennial conference of the UK Chapter of ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization), and a celebration of the 10th birthday of the Chapter.
Our ability to use narrative is one of the defining characteristics of the human race, with more than one role in Knowledge Organization (KO). Story-telling may have been superseded as the principal way of passing knowledge from one generation to the next, but can still bring to life the study of historical records. And a coherent story helps us make sense of any collection of knowledge.  This conference will explore the role of narrative both literal and metaphorical, in any context of KO, and the potential for KO to evolve towards an unfolding story of applications useful to society and economic development.
The conference aims to explore, justify and advocate the continuing role of KO for systems designers as well as information managers, with applications in areas as diverse as web design, records management, digital asset management, network management, etc. It will be a showcase for R & D that offers benefits for cultural activities and economic development. Practitioners as well as theoreticians are invited to contribute, along with consultants, researchers, teachers and students.


Our target is to attract 150 participants. Past conference attendance over the years was distributed as follows:


2009 (%)

2011 (%)

2013 (%) 


Academic 38 47 35 42
Consultancy & Software 14 20 28 25
Media, Sport & Heritage 20 10 10 9
Research, Publishing & Legal 13 10  7 5
Government/EU 8 6  7 8
Banking, Finance, Business Information, Health, Voluntary 7 7 14 11


For all sponsors, logos will be displayed:

  • on the conference website, with links to sponsors’ sites
  • in the printed programme

​Logos will be required as soon as possible as sponsorship is agreed. Please supply a high resolution image for inclusion on the website.

Conference passes

Sponsors paying £400 or more are entitled to one free conference pass (per £400). Other passes may be purchased at the members’ rate.

Sonsorship Enquiries

Please address all enquiries regarding sponsorship to Philip Carlisle, 


Specific Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibition space

Exhibition space in the atrium Exhibition Space for the two days is available in the conference atrium, where tea and coffee is served. Up to four exhibition stands can be accommodated. Takers are expected to provide their own stands if required but an exhibition desk (140x80cm) and power sockets are provided. The option includes one free conference pass. £500 

Product demonstration

Scheduled slots in the conference programme for the demonstration of products. Up to four selected vendors will each be allocated a 20-minute slot in the conference programme to discuss and demonstrate software applications etc. relevant to the conference theme. The option includes one free conference pass. £500

Conference reception

Contribution towards reception with drinks and finger buffet on the evening of the first day (11/09/2017) Benefits include:
  • Thanks to the sponsors at the reception
  • Sponsor’s banners or posters displayed during the reception
  • Sponsor’s logo and profile in the conference programme
  • Sponsor’s flyers in the conference packs
  • One free conference pass

Sponsor-branded delegate bags

Art work required by 31st July 2017

Sponsor’s logo on the bag (in addition to the ISKO logo), plus sponsor’s flyer inserted in the bag. This option includes one free conference pass. £450
sold out

Tea and coffee breaks

Provision of tea, coffee & biscuits Sponsor optionally to supply branded paper plates, table cloths and/or banners. Each day. £300

Conference programme brochure

Inclusion of advertisements in the printed Conference Programme.
Artwork required by 1st July 2017
Options include:
  • full-page colour advertisement
  • half-page colour advertisement

Delegate bags - inserts

Flyer or brochure inserted in each delegate bag Each delegate bag contains an information pack including the conference programme and participant list. Flyers or brochures supplied by the sponsor can be included in every information pack. £100

Branded gifts and in-kind sponsorship

Notepads, Post-it® notes, memory sticks, pens etc. Sponsor-branded products can be included in every information pack. Where no product can be supplied, ‘moral sponsorship’ through the provision of promotional services may be considered. Free

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