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A portrait of Europeana as a Linked Open Data case (in progress)

Linked Open Data has often been presented as a potential game-changer for libraries, archives and other cultural institutions or projects. This talk will present the paths we have taken for implementing the LOD vision at Europeana. Rather than a full-scale adoption of LOD/Semantic Web technology, we have proceeded by small steps, sometimes just tweaking existing tools to fit better one aspect of the general vision. However, in the end these new developments impact many aspects of the metadata ingestion and distribution that underlie Europeana as a platform for aggregating and providing access to cultural material. We will discuss some of the concrete benefits Europeana and its partners are already reaping – and the ones we hope to reap soon as a result of our ongoing efforts. This presentation deals not only with technology: advances in cooperation, standardization and legal advocacy are just as important for the realization of the vision.

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