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Linked Data Training Workshop

Training Workshop - Publishing spreadsheets as Linked Open Data

This hands-on workshop  builds on the theory covered in the Linked Open Data Essentials session to go deeper into the principles behind mapping spreadsheet data and publishing as Linked Open Data. Using an open-source tool, DataDock, attendees will  map data to ontologies and publish it. While working with simple tools, attendees will get a chance to have hands-on experience with data mapping principles and web standards without needing  technical expertise . Best practices for linked data publishing will be described, to convey a deep understanding of the underlying processes and standards. Participants should leave with a clear vision of how to apply linked data publishing practices to their existing data management process. 


The training workshop  complements Open Data courses such as "Open Data In A Day" from the ODI, but prior training is not necessary or expected.  Further reading resources will be supplied for those who wish to read more into both Open Data and Linked Open Data after the event.


Attendees will need to have a WiFi enabled laptop to complete the workshop exercises. A GitHub login (free) is also required, which attendees can set up before the training or during the workshop.

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