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ISKO is an international body with chapters in many different countries and regions. You normally join ISKO through one of these chapters, in our case ISKO UK. ISKO UK fees are paid per calendar year and for 2017 they are held at the same rates as in previous years. They are equivalent to the ISKO International fees of €50 for individual membership, €15 for student/retired membership and €100 for corporate membership (after allowing for bank transaction charges).

Payment "per calendar year" means that if you join or renew at any time from January to September (inclusive) your subscription covers you until December of the same year. If you join in the period October - December, however, as a special concession we will accept payment of one annual fee to cover your membership right through to December of the following year.

The fees include access to the online edition of the journal Knowledge Organization, although you may choose also to receive a paper copy for an additional £20.

NOTE: to qualify for the student or retired rate, members should not be gainfully employed for more than 20% of their time, i.e. about 1 day per week averaged over a year
  • individual: £45
  • student / retired: £15
  • corporate: £90

Your membership fee entitles you to the following benefits:

  • online access to the Knowledge Organization journal (vols. 2000 onwards)
  • attendance of ISKO UK events at reduced rates, often free
  • discounts on participation in conferences of ISKO and its regional Chapters
  • 20% discounts on ISKO publications and all other library and information science titles published by Ergon Verlag
  • The opportunity to join networking sessions with leading members of the profession
  • for corporate members, an unnlimited number of staff can attend ISKO UK meetings and conferences at member's rates

To apply for or renew membership, please select Membership Category and Type and your Journal option and click Register to enter your details.

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Individual Membership
Select this if you want to be sent a copy of the Journal of KO. This costs extra. Note that all editions of KO can be downloaded digitally by members.